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AKINAL SENTETIK TEKSTIL SAN. Ve TIC. A.S. (asnonwovens) was founded in 1999. “asnonwovens” is the second big investment of AKINAL family. The first one “Opak Ayakkabı End. & Tic. A.S.” is now one of the leading companies in the footwear industry in Turkey. Our plant is located in 2. Industrial Zone of Gaziantep city and manufacturing spunlace nonwoven fabric rolls since the begining of 2002. We are proud of being the first and unique SPUNLACE NONWOVEN Roll-Goods Manufacturer in Turkey.
With its high tenacity, tensile strength, evenness, soft touch, lint-free, hygienic, anti-bacteria, wet & dust absorption characteristics, our high quality spunlace nonwoven fabric has been allocated its deserved place especially in artificial leather substrates and disposable wipes markets.
Control methods applied on our products accordant with EDANA standarts, enable us to obtain high quality level and our quality assurance policy checks and confirms deliveries in accordance with customer specifications.

We start out our way with slogan; asnonwovens, as you l!ke

and now our slogan became true with new investments:

  1. A state-of-art Spunlace Nonwoven Line which is “dedicated to Hygienic spunlace fabrics for disposable wipes market” The line is designated to meet market demands for innovative designs and flexibility, to offer our customers more options in designing their next generations of products (individualized designs, three dimensional spunlace designs, embossing designs). Having exclusive rights to a special design (surface aperture etc) our clients can be singled out on the market easily. “asnonwovens” has no limit concerning different designs, we are only limited with your imaginations.

  2. A Post-treatment Line “for coating, impregnating, printing and chemical treatment of spunlace nonwoven fabric”

  3. A Cutting and Packaging Line “for 100%cotton or 100%viscose spunlace fabrics or tapes in order to obtain facial cleansing, make-up removal or medical treatment pads”.

Due to its capability and readiness to react flexibly and with innovative products to the continuously increasing requirements of the market, “asnonwovens” very soon has achieved a leading position among its competitors and growth rates, better-than-average.

We sincerely believe Total Quality Management and Quality assurance philosophy that we can succeed if and only if we apply the system actually; therefore, we “asnonwovens” from the General Manager to the Personnels, are aware of the responsibilities for the quality in the production of these types of fabrics to be converted into the products for health-care applications, especially for babies.